Change require_grad to individual weight (not whole weight) + resize hidden layer


I’m trying to achieve 2 things:

  1. enlarge a linear layer’s weights.
  2. freeze some of it’s units from gradient propagation.

This is what i’ve written:
Where new_w is a Tensor, new_w.shape >> model.output_layer.weight and model.output_layer is a Linear layer. = new_w
if i print( it does show the new shape, however
if i print(model.output_layer) it shows me the old arguments to the Linear layer.

From what i’ve experimented with, i don’t think PyTorch allows you to freeze units rather than just whole layers.

for p in copied.output_layer.parameters():
    p[0,0].requires_grad = False
    p[old_w.shape[0]-1,old_w.shape[1]-1].requires_grad = True
    break # only the weight, ignore the bias for now

This will basically output False for both.

Any ideas, suggestions? thank you!

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    It’s weird that i wasn’t able to find answers to my questions which deal with a very basic actions.
    Hoping that somone can shed light on it.