Channel ordering [B, H, W, C] or [B, W,H,C]

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It is just an informative question that may be very basic to most of you. I was reading about channel ordering. Pytorch prefers the first channel order like this [B, C, H, W] and TensorFlow support channel last order [B, H, W, C]. So I am wondering to know does change the channel order affect performance?

What does PyTorch prefer first or last?
How can we visualize these images?

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PyTorch uses channels-first by default and allows you to transform the input as well as model parameters to channels-last as described here, which could be beneficial for mixed-precision training using TensorCores.

You can visualize the images using any library capable of it (e.g. PIL or matplotib).

Thank you for always being available and quickly reply to every query.

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