Choose between tensorflow or pytorch

I think in the future Peturch will replace Tensorflow. What do you think, friends? And which framework do you think will become more widespread in the future?

plz answer my topic…

In my humble opinion I don’t think this is the right place to discuss this @David_Smit
There are discussions elsewhere on the subject, like on reddit for example.

But if you want to know if you have to use tensorflow or pytorch for a particular task, I could try to give my opinion on that

I agree that this discussion board might not be the best place to discuss these vague questions, as you might get biased answers in the best case.
I’m sure a lot of ML practitioners could give you pro and cons for all frameworks and I see it in a pragmatic way: use whichever framework fits into your mindset and use case.
As always, if you are missing something in PyTorch, let us know and we’ll certainly take a look into it.

If you are in academia and are getting started, go for Pytorch. It will be easier to learn and use. If you are in the industry where you need to deploy models in production, Tensorflow is your best choice. You can use Keras/Pytorch for prototyping if you want.