Circular convolution

Dear pytorchers,

Is it possible to compute a Circular convolution in pytorch?

My initial thought was to use Circular padding followed by regular convolution with no padding but it seems that Circular padding does not exist.

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You probably have to use a regular square convolution with a constraint on the weights to remove the corners of the convolution.

Could you elaborate on what do you mean by:

“constrain on the weights to remove the corners”

For example, a 2d convolution with kernel size 4 would have a 4x4 matrix of weights for each channel. Forcing the corners of this 4x4 matrix to be zero would give your convolution a nearly circular receptive field.

But maybe I have completely misunderstood what you mean by “circular convolution”.

Maybe you can draw some ideas from here: . It is easy to read.

You can use F.conv2d(F.pad(input, pad=(5,5,5,5), mode='circular'), kernel, padding=0) for circular convolution. Btw, you sometimes cannot find the mode circular for F.pad if you directly search in the help doc, but your can go to