Class init func with self.hparams = hparams raising an "AttributeError: can't set attribute"

In my LightningModule subclass, I used ‘self.hparams = hparams’ which worked fine a week ago but now it unexpectedly returns an Exception saying “AttributeError: can’t set attribute”.

I believe something has been changed recently in the father class LightningModule as this issue should be solved by add a “@ATTRI.setter” but here I cannot access the father class.

class T5FineTuner(pl.LightningModule):
  def __init__(self, hparams):
    super(T5FineTuner, self).__init__()
    self.hparams = hparams

Any way to solve this given a recent update on source code, please?

Is this issue already solved here?

Yes @ptrblck, it is solved.