Cmakelist Architecture and c code modification

hello, i want to add some print info in c code, but i am not clear the cmakelist architecture, and how to use which cmakelist to compile the cpp which i have modified. for example, i want to compile DataChannelGloo.cpp, which cmakelist i should use.
document is best.


You don’t compile any C code by hand.
Check the instructions to install from source. This will compile all the C code and any change you made.

thanks, i know how to install from source.
but after installation, i want to modif c code, and than should be complie again, and i am not clear which cmakelist to execute to get the .so lib, and than where can i replace the lib(conda env)


Just re-run python install or python build develop whichever you used to install the first time.
This will do an incremental build of all the c bakend and reinstall what changed in your installed package.