Code for wav2vec2 model WAV2VEC2_ASR_BASE_960H in pytorch

Hi. I wanted to analyse the layer by layer output of the WAV2VEC2_ASR_BASE_960H model and analyse the whole layer by layer output.
but not able to get the model code anywhere. and
not able to print the torch summary for the same.|
can anyone help me reg this

iam using this code


getting error like expecting 2d input getting (2,1,54400) size

torchsummary is deprecated and replaced by torchinfo so try to use it instead.

Hi. got it. thanks.
can you please tell me where can i get full model code in pytorch for WAV2VEC2_ASR_BASE_960H? thanks in advance

I assume the model can be created using the util. functions from here.

Thanks. got the code .
still if anywhere i can get the code for WAV2VEC2_ASR_BASE_960H,
i have to write whole thing in C-code./? code from scratch i have to write. it