Combining multiple loss functions

I’m making a simple autoencoder on Mnist Digits
So the problem i’m facing is that i’m defining 3 different losses
and when i combine them the loss doesn’t decrease while using only one seems to work fine

epochs = 3
for e in range(epochs):
    loss_r = [0,0,0]
    r = 0
    for train , test in zip(train_loader_2,train_loader) :
        images = train[0].view(-1,14*14)
        labels_1 = train[1]
        labels_2 = test[0].view(-1,784)
        x , x_en , x_dec = model_2(images)
        loss_1 = criterion_1(x,labels_2)
        loss_2 = criterion_2(x_en,labels_2)
        loss_3 = criterion_3(x_dec,labels_1)
        loss_r[0] += loss_1.item()
        loss_r[1] += loss_2.item()
        loss_r[2] += loss_3.item()
        if r%10 == 9 :
            print("epoch = {} batch = {} final_loss={} aux_loss = {} classification_loss={}"
            loss_r = [0,0,0]

what seems to be the problem here


I think you need to specifically define the combination.

For instance,

loss = loss_1 + loss_2 + loss_3

I have never seen the approach you haved used to combine multiple losses so maybe the function you calling is not doing what you expected.


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Both approaches should result in accumulated gradients.
Since the gradients are accumulated, you might need to lower the learning rate or scale the losses.

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Thanks for your help
can i use the same loss fuction or shoud i define different one for every loss

You can use the same, if you are fine with its setup (e.g. reduction, weight, if passed, etc.).