Complex CNN error related to torch version?

Thanks to this post, I see that complex convolutions are supported in this PR.

But I’m struggling to get this working in my complex CNN. I’m encountering the following error which appears in a few posts on this forum:

RuntimeError: “slow_conv2d_cuda” not implemented for ‘ComplexDouble’

…which I’m assuming to be likely as a result of the torch version I’m using.

I’m wondering when the complex conv functionalities were rolled out as I’m struggling to pin it down to a specific release (possibly 1.13?)

The machine I’m using is currently utilising torch version 1.10.1+cu102. Am I being stupid and this version is before the appropriate release?

Many thanks for any help on this!

Update: it looks like it is a version issue, as I installed the latest PyTorch version and the error goes away.