Concat Features from two pretrained models and add a classification head then do Ensemble Learning


I have two pre-trained classification models. I want to create a third model by

  1. removing the classification layers from the pre-trained models and freezing all the other layers, then
  2. concatenating the features from these two models and finally
  3. adding a new classification head [fine-tune this layer only].

So I’m going to end up with 3 models. Then I want to do ensemble learning to combine the predictions from these 3 models by voting.

Does anyone know the best way to do this? Thanks in advance.

This code snippet might be useful as it shows a simple example for your use case.

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Thank you for the reply. Appreciate it.

A quick question. Since I have two pre-trained models (let’s say modelA & modelB), and I want to create modelC using the pre-trained models and also want to use all three of them for final predictions.

Do I make two copies of modelA (let’s say - modelA_1, modelA_2) and modelB (modelB_1, modelB_2). Keep first copies as they are and take the second copies (modelA_2, modelB_2) remove the classification heads and freeze all other layers, then concat the features and then add a classification head?

The short form of my question is, do I make two copies of each pre-trained model?

My goal is to have three predictions in total from modelA_1, modelB_1, & modelC. I hope I’m making sense. Thanks!

You could create copies, but this will of course increase the memory usage and you would need to execute each model separately, so it’s quite wasteful.
The better approach would be to use e.g. forward hook to get the desired forward activation from the original model during a single forward pass, and to pass this activation to the new classifier heads.

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