Conda install issue


Not sure if this is right place to ask. When I try to install pytorch using conda on a HPC machine, it tries to install version 1.12. The command I use is:

conda install -c pytorch pytorch

The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:

ca-certificates: 2017.11.5-0                  conda-forge
certifi:         2017.11.5-py36_0             conda-forge
cffi:            1.11.2-py36_0                conda-forge
cudatoolkit:     8.0-3
cudnn:           6.0.21-cuda8.0_0
libffi:          3.2.1-3                      conda-forge
libgcc:          5.2.0-0
mkl:             2017.0.3-0
nccl:            1.3.4-cuda8.0_1
ncurses:         5.9-10                       conda-forge
numpy:           1.13.1-py36_0
openssl:         1.0.2n-0                     conda-forge
pip:             9.0.1-py36_1                 conda-forge
pycparser:       2.18-py36_0                  conda-forge
python:          3.6.4-0                      conda-forge
pytorch:         0.1.12-py36cuda8.0cudnn6.0_1
readline:        7.0-0                        conda-forge
setuptools:      38.4.0-py36_0                conda-forge
sqlite:          3.20.1-2                     conda-forge
tk:              8.6.7-0                      conda-forge
wheel:           0.30.0-py36_2                conda-forge
xz:              5.2.3-0                      conda-forge
zlib:            1.2.11-0                     conda-forge

Proceed ([y]/n)?


This question has already been asked in another post…
The problem is an outdated conda package.


Thanks for the reply. I saw that post and did do a conda update before running the install command. The problem exists still. My current conda version is: conda: 4.4.7-py27_0

I am not sure what the latest version is.

Solved it.

For those that come up with this problem here are the two steps I used to solve it.

  1. Make sure that your conda is updated to the latest version

In my case this was already done, but just make sure it is in your case.

  1. temporarily move your ~/.condarc file if you have one.

For me I just removed it, it turns out that I had a bunch of repos listed there, that I believe messed with the priority search path for packages. Not sure what the priority is when you provide the “-c” flag to an install command and you have repos listed in your condarc file. I suspect the file takes precedence.

After the above, I now have a pytorch 0.3 cuda installation :slight_smile:

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