Contributing to PyTorch official docs

I have been actively using PyTorch since a few weeks now and I am interested in contributing to one specific place in the official docs (I have figured out some edits/additions that I’d like to make).

However, this will be my first time contributing to any open source project, so I do not know anything - from how to get the project on my system (if it’s required) to how to open a PR and everything in between.

I found this on PyTorch’s github, and according to this I will be contributing to the user-facing docs.

Herein, they first ask to install and build PyTorch - what does this mean? Like installing pytorch in jupyter/colab etc.?
Then they ask to install pre-requisites. From what my understanding is, we install pre-requisite libraries/packages when starting to work on a project that we clone from github. But, for contributing to documentation, what exactly do these pre-requisites mean?

cd docs
pip install -r requirements.txt

They ask us to use these commands to install the requirement file. I’m guessing I’ll first need to clone pytorch’s repo on my local before this, is that it?

Please help me refer to any resources that can guide me.
Any answer appreciated.