Convert trained caffe model to torch c++

Hello everyone,
I must confess I am a total newbie to pytorch framework and neural networks in general. I have been doing some reading and practice for about 2 months now. I am working on my thesis and I need to implement some classification at some point. I currently have a pretrained model in caffe and would like to convert it to c++ version of pytorch since I am a bit comfortable with pytorch now.

I would be glad if someone could direct me to a reading resource/library/tutorial that does this: caffe2–>C++ torch. Most of what I have found is loading from caffe to pytorch in python not c++.

secondly, should I succeed in the convertion will the new model in torch still be a trained model or I woud I have to retain.
I’ll be glad if someone could give me a prompt response as I am running out of time. Thanks in advance.