Converting Old (pre-PyTorch1.0) C++/CUDA 8 extensions to PyTorch 1.0 C++/CUDA 9 extension

(Nilay Shrivastava) #1

I want to convert the ShiftResNet PyTorch C++ layer ( from its PyTorch 0.4 C++ form to the current PyTorch 1.0 form. I want to know what are the API changes that I should be wary about.
For instance in the code

  1. the author makes use of <THC/THC.h> header but in the tutorial Custom C++ and CUDA extension <ATen/ATen.h> has been used. How should I make the changes?

It would be great if I could get a migration guide similar to the one PyTorch developers wrote for migrating to PyTorch 0.4.
P.S I am an old user of PyTorch Python API but I am starting with C++ part of this framework.