Could not get the file at [RequestException] None


Could not get the file at [RequestException] None.

The error above showed up after calling the build_vocab_from_iterator() here:

vocab_src = build_vocab_from_iterator(
        yield_tokens(train + val + test, tokenize_de, index=0),
        specials=["<s>", "</s>", "<blank>", "<unk>"],

I am using Google colab to run notebook on this repo. Link to notebook: Google Colab

Thank you in advance.

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The problem is from the dataset multi30k (source url: “”) that is not accessible right now.

Note: the torchtext.vocab.build_vocab_from_iterator() on the Google Colab notebook above is calling this dataset. (Sorry for not being specific in describing the problem)

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I’m experiencing the same problem for some time, and can’t seem to find a solution to it.

I think you could use other datasets instead.