Creat a tensor with random number of 1 and -1

In order to add noise to the XNOR-Net, I need to modify the trained weights which contains only 1 and -1. So I think the problem is how to generate a tensor with random number of 1 and -1, and then multiply this tensor with the trained weights. The solution of mine is following:

 def add_noise_to_weights(m):
            s =
            n =
            r = round(n*0.01) #0.01 is the noise ratio
            mask = -torch.ones([1, r]).type_as(
            neg_mask = torch.ones([1, n-r]).type_as(
            t =, neg_mask),1).reshape(s)
            idx = torch.randperm(t.nelement())
            t = t.view(-1)[idx].view(t.size())
           return m

Despite it works, the code is too complicated, so could you guys have some simply solutions?

If I understand correctly, you just want to generate a tensor which contains -1 and 1 values ?

Would something like this work for you ?

a = torch.Tensor([-1, 1])
idx = np.random.randint(2, size=your_shape)
noise = a[idx]

Edit :
Furthermore, if you want to have some control on the number of 1 or -1 in your tensor, I would suggest:

a = torch.Tensor([-1, 1])
idx = np.random.choice(2, size=your_shape, p=[r, 1-r])
noise = a[idx]

Thank you very much for your reply! Based on your reply,I think this may be the right answer to my question.

s =
t = torch.from_numpy(numpy.random.choice([-1, 1], size=s, p=[0.5, 0.5])).type_as(x)
x =
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