Creating own dataset with Pytorch Geometric Temporal for Graph Neural Network

Hello everyone,

I recently started using graph neural network with PyTorch. I am trying to create my dataset based on the following link: torch_geometric_temporal.signal.static_graph_temporal_signal — PyTorch Geometric Temporal documentation, however I am getting error. I also tried to create METRLADatasetLoader dataset separately without importing from torch_geometric_temporal.dataset (by simply copying and pasting two classes StaticGraphTemporalSignal and METRLADatasetLoader (torch_geometric_temporal.dataset.metr_la — PyTorch Geometric Temporal documentation) and got the following error:

Could you please tell me why I am getting the above error if this code works fine?

from torch_geometric_temporal.dataset import METRLADatasetLoader
loader = METRLADatasetLoader()
dataset = loader.get_dataset(num_timesteps_in=12, num_timesteps_out=12)
print("Dataset type: ", dataset)
print("Number of samples / sequences: ", len(set(dataset)))