Cross Compile for Hexagon

How can i cross compile for the Hexagon backend.? Can you please mention all the necessary steps.
Thank you.

Hi, we do not have any Hexagon backend. Are you asking about how to develop a backend?

I see here about cross compilation . How can i make that work? Where should i integrate the Hexagon files for it?

You can target any LLVM architecture that is supported by the version of LLVM that you’re compiling with alongside Glow. You’d need to figure out the name of the -target used by LLVM, since we just forward that down to LLVM I believe. You should be able to do that with the CPU backend. If you want to add your own specialized kernels better for the architecture then you’d need to add your own backend similar to the CPU backend which is an LLVM based backend, and then add your own libjit kernels.

I used -target=hexagon with backend=CPU ,I got Aborted(Core dumped) error. What do i need to do for that to work…?

It’s hard to know what the issue is just from that. I’d suggest running in debug mode to see if you get a better error message or assertion failure. Could also include running in a debugger like gdb to understand where it’s aborting.