Crypto PRice Prediction

Hi ,hope all of you are fine.
I am trying out to come up with a viable crypto-price-prediction model, but as it is quite unstable, I am figuring out that maybe the technical indicators like RSI,4 EMA, hash ribbons, etc, which professional traders use will do the trick.
Right now, most of the tutorials and blogs about using LSTMs, GRUs, etc, are just fooling and I couldn’t find any workable solution.
So, if anyone can guide me, will be very grateful.


can you elaborate a bit? ‘coming up with a model’ can mean a million different things.

Thanks @ako, thanks for your time.
Sorry for my poor words.I mean ML prediction model, so that it can forecast the prices for about 7-20 days in future.


I see. All those technical indicators you mentioned are derived from previous prices - so I’d simply give previous price history to sci-kit - which is “ML” .

However - before you hinge a lot of hope on it - think whether your project is possible. Are future prices simple a function of past prices? Are the patterns random or repeatable?
Pytorch and to a lesser extent ML (sci-kit) are powerful tools for finding patterns - question is your particular problem has any patters or is it like a roulette wheel - a random number generator.

Yes definetly, crypto market is totally based on trust, and definetly the effects are seen in market in some time.
So, I think if we figure out the right way of correct inputs to the model, I hope that model can make sense out of it.