Custom loss function value does not decrease

I have the following customized loss function which I want to minimize.

def compute_clamped_dist(target_coordinates_tensor, observed_coordinates_tensor):
    euclidean_dist = 0.5 * torch.sqrt(torch.sum((target_coordinates_tensor-observed_coordinates_tensor)**2, dim =1))
    return torch.clamp(euclidean_dist, max=1.0)

def f1_loss(target_tensor, observed_tensor):
    classification_tensor = target_tensor[:, 4:]
    observed_tensor_12 = observed_tensor[:, :2]
    observed_tensor_34 = observed_tensor[:, 2:]
    target_tensor_12 = target_tensor[:, :2]
    distance_o12_t12 = compute_clamped_dist(target_tensor_12, observed_tensor_12)
    distance_o34_t12 = compute_clamped_dist(target_tensor_12, observed_tensor_34)
    third_component = 0.5*(1+torch.min(distance_o12_t12, distance_o34_t12))
    output = classification_tensor[:, 0] + torch.mul(classification_tensor[:, 1], distance_o12_t12)\
                                         + torch.mul(classification_tensor[:, 2], third_component)
    return output.mean()

The target tensor is of size (N * 7) and the observation tensor is of size (N * 4). I want to make the observation tensor as similar to the first 4 columns of the target tensor. The last three columns of the target tensor are constants tensors. I am using my custom loss function as follows:

 for batch_idx, sample_batched in enumerate(one_spot_train_dataloader):
            data = sample_batched['image']
            target = sample_batched['label_meta'].float()[:, 1:]
            if self.use_gpu:
                data = data.cuda(self.cuda_name)
                target = target.cuda(self.cuda_name)
                constant_classification_tensor = constant_classification_tensor.cuda(self.cuda_name)
            output = self.one_spot_network(data)
            constant_batch_classification_tensor = constant_classification_tensor[batch_idx * \
                self.batch_size_train: (batch_idx+1) * self.batch_size_train, :]
            final_target =,constant_batch_classification_tensor), dim = 1)
            loss = f1_loss(final_target, output)

The optimizer does not reduce the value of my loss function but when I try mse_loss the value is minimized by the optimizer. Can anybody help me understand why this is happening? I wrote my loss function in torch but it is not getting minimized.

You usually don’t want to use a clamp operation in your loss function because the derivative in the saturation case is zero. i.e. no learning happens if it’s saturated.

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@colesbury is that the reason that the loss doesn’t get minimized at all?

It might be. You should inspect the gradients. Use retain_grad() to store the grad attribute on intermediate variables and look at the value.

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@colesbury Thanks for your help. I tried your suggestion and when I print output.grad it is only consisting of zeros and nans. Per your comment, I removed the clamp operation from my loss function and looked at the grad again and it looks like this time I see some numbers and some nans. More importantly, this time the optimizer is able to reduce my loss function. So I think your intuition is correct and clamp messes up everything.

Thanks again for your help.

Can you give me more details? Where did you write the output.grad? In loss function or training block?