Dark theme for entire PyTorch website

I see a discussion here along similar lines. I know there are bigger fish to fry, but if it would be possible to get this implemented by perhaps assigning the task to an intern, it’d be a big plus.
Basically, it’d be nice to have a toggle button on every page, which allows a user to switch the website to a dark theme. It’s quite tiring on the eyes, to stare at a white background.
I noticed this forum has a dark mode option in preferences. But I’m referring to having it on the PyTorch website, including the tutorial pages.


CC @suraj.pt for viz

This would be great. My workaround is to use the “Dark Mode Chrome” extension in Chrome, along with a Chrome dark-mode theme.

This is an area where contributions would be very much welcome - if anyone can get it working here GitHub - pytorch/pytorch_sphinx_theme: PyTorch Sphinx Theme feel free to tag @svekars and me on github

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