Data Augmentation after creating Dataset

Hello there , I’m new to PyTorch, I’ve created a dataset that is having x-ray images and it is transformed but after creating the dataset I’m not getting good test accuracy so i have decided to do augmentation but I don’t know how to do augmentation on already created dataset .

test_loader = data['test_loader']
train_loader = data['train_loader']
train_dataset = data['train_dataset']
test_dataset = data['test_dataset']

Here , I’ve used previously saved tensor data of images and loaded it in train_dataset,test_dataset …

I want to augment directly the train_dataset . can anyone tell me how to do that?

You can create a Compose of augmentations and then use it in the training loop itslelf.

aug = Compose(<the list of augmentations>)

for x,y in dataloader:
    x_aug = aug(x)

I think this might do the trick.

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But it will overwrite x_aug everytime , at the end of loop only last batch will be augmented , I guess.

aug = transforms.Compose([transforms.RandomHorizontalFlip(1),
temp_list = []
for x,y in train_loader:
final_tensor =

This way we can do that , is there ant efficient way? without using list .
Thank you for your suggestion.

Hey @Bhavya_Soni
Why would you concatenate the augmented tensors?
It would be efficient to augment and send the augmented tensors through a model and learn the weights.

The only problem that I see here is that the Random_ augmentation will augment each image in a batch the same way, which is not an ideal setup.

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First, you can set batch_size for the DataLoader to load multiple data into a batch and do transform or augmentation for each batch.
Secondly, I am not sure why you have this tmp_list. You can directly use the augmented data to train your model.

for x, y in train_loader:
    aug_x = aug(x)
    output = model(aug_x)
    loss = ...

Oh yes. I did augmentation first, of whole dataset randomly and then started training , I get this now . Thank you very much.

Yes sir, I got it now , thank you very much.

I’m beginner :slightly_smiling_face:

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