DataLoader and Dataset to shuffle from slice level, not subject level


I am creating a Class based on Dataset, in the function of __getitem__, I read each MRI and get all slices (100 slices from a MRI) into a list. Then the dataset was fitted into the DataLoader:

train_loader = DataLoader(data_train,

The problem is that If I set shuffle=True, the batch data is shuffled based on subject-level, and for example, If the batch_size is 16, it will give me 16 different subjects, repeating 100 times…. Actually, I do not wanna this behavior because the slices were not reallly shuffled… Do you have any ideas to shuffle from the slice level???

I have tried to read only one slice in the function of __getitem__, but when I train the mode, it is super slow…

Any idea would be appreciated…

you can write a custom Sampler, and shuffle in a more fine-grained way. See the sampler keyword argument, instead of shuffle=True. You can see some of the samplers here:

They are quite simple to implement, so you can implement your custom sampler that will be more aware of your dataset’s slicing that you want.

@smth Actually, I have thought about this solution, but the problem is that the __len__ of DataLoader and the __len__

of sampler that I created were not equal, I do not see the possibility to handle that situation with the sampler.

I also tried to extract only one slice using __getitem__ from the whole MRI. The problem for this approach is that the memory exploses at some time during training…

hmmm, how about you set batch_size=1 in the DataLoader, but your custom dataset itself returns a full batch everytime __getitem__ is called? That way you can carefully choose shuffling and other aspects by yourself in the Dataset.

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Hi, I am facing a similar problem at the time. Have you solved this problem ?