Debugger for CUDA with python wrapper


I am a backend C/C++ CUDA engineer. Often, the main program is written in Python and we use C / C++ extension to call parts of the program written in C/C++ in the Python function. However, whenever I have to debug such program, I cannot use “cuda-gdb” nor “gdb python”. Does anybody have a debugger that can stepthrough each line and check memory / register values for a program that is partially written in python, C / C++ CUDA?


gdb python works fine usually. You simply need to ignore the first frames corresponding to the python code.
What can’t you do with it?

hmmm… are you sure it is applicable to CUDA? It works fine when I am on the CPU, but as soon as I move over to a GPU kernel, it stops working ( hangs ).

Ho right, you can only step in the cpu code. But it can run cuda code fine even though you cannot break into it.
I did not knew you could put breakpoints directly into the kernels. But the fact that you use python should not be a problem. nvvp works quite fine to inspect python code.