Define placeholder for varying input length

How can I give varying inputs to the neural network. I want to implement pointNet, but if I have a data with different number of input pointcloud points , batch size=32, how can I define my input_placeholder in pytoch?

data = Variable(torch.ones(32,3,None))

PyTorch uses dynamic graph. So you can disregard all those confusing symbolic variables from tf. :slight_smile: Just put whatever size you get from that batch of data.

Thank you! That helped!

Hello, can you give some brief example about it?
I am still new at pytorch.
In my case, I want to train a neural network that can output heatmaps (same size with image input). But the problem here is the training image that i have is very variative (1st image: 64x67, 400x74, and so on). I want to keep the images in original size so I don’t distorted the images because the resize procedure.
Many thanks

Many fully convolutional vision network can do this. You don’t need to know the shape before hand.