Delete the .ipynb_checkpoints in my dataset folder

i have resulted .ipynb_checkpoints in my dataset folder after removing the samples can i remove this permanently and why this happens

These come from Jupyter. Iā€™m not sure there is a way to disable them, but the linked answer might be out of date, too.

it creates because of deleting img samples manually?

This is something that comes from the notebook interface and has nothing to do with PyTorch or what you are doing with PyTorch.

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Thanks for your concern, Main intention was to do inference for multiple images and to check the accuracy of my model

  • I was trying to find the accuracy of my pretrained model by evaluating

  • so, i was manipulating with the img samples to check the accuracy of my model,in order to that i was removing the img samples manually

  • Its there any method or blog or something related to remove this checkpoint notebook thing?

You can use this command in the terminal.

rm -rf find -type d -name .ipynb_checkpoints

use " before find and at the end