Deploy deeplabv3_resnet101 on android (boiler plate) for binary segmentation?

Hi there,
I am using the code of

(msminhas93/DeepLabv3FineTuning) from github for binary segmentation of crackforest dataset.

It uses the threshold post processing of the model’s output to get segmentation output to be displayed else we are getting blank single color output (same output is displaying when this model’s .ptl file deployed in example android deeplabv3 segmentation code)

“You can see the inference for binary segmentation notebook below in python”

Url: DeepLabv3FineTuning/Analysis.ipynb at master · msminhas93/DeepLabv3FineTuning (

I have limited knowledge of java, thus what changes I should make to the given android java code to display the image segmented output image as done in python in above code.

android-demo-app/ at master · pytorch/android-demo-app (

as you can see I am getting predicted pytorch tensor in java, how to apply same post processing steps to this tensor as done in analysis notebook shared above.