Deploy PyTorch models with flutter (android & ios)

Flutter has a very big promise of writing one code base and delopying it to Android, ios and web, of course Google (the owner of flutter) has added the capability to include a tensorflow model to your flutter projects.

When can we see a flutter package that would allow us to import a pytorch model and do on device inference in Android or ios?

There’s a package on for pytorch mobile, however it only works for android and it hasn’t been updated since its release in October.
I’ve been meaning to work on a plugin as well, but I’ve been swamped with other stuff :confused: If I ever find the time to work on it I’ll be sure to update this thread.
And note that there’s no PyTorch runtime for the browser, so Flutter web is out of reach (until someone comes through with a version of torch.js).

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@RicCu Is there any updates on this ?

PyTorch has released PyTorch Live, it may be useful to you