Developer documentation for PyTorch 2.x compiler

Could someone please point me to the developer docs for dynamo, inductor?

Please DO NOT give me the user doc links currently available on the official PyTorch docs page. I need to understand the complete flow of dynamo so as to extend it for my own purpose.

Specifically, I need to understand how does dynamo capture the forward and backward graphs when training any random model - how it captures conditional branches, loops and dynamic tensor shapes.

Any help is welcome.

I was following the example at this PyTorch tutorial page

There is some discrepency: where as the tutorial states that upon executing the command:


the generated file must contain the Triton IR, but I am seeing C++ code instead:

cpp_fused_add_cos_sin_0 = async_compile.cpp('''
#include "/tmp/torchinductor_<username>/ib/<a_random_hash_like_string>.h"
extern "C" void kernel(const float* in_ptr0,
                       float* out_ptr0)
        for(long i0=static_cast<long>(0L); i0<static_cast<long>(10000L); i0+=static_cast<long>(16L))
            auto tmp0 = at::vec::Vectorized<float>::loadu(in_ptr0 + static_cast<long>(i0));
            auto tmp1 = tmp0.cos();
            auto tmp2 = tmp0.sin();
            auto tmp3 = tmp1 + tmp2;
   + static_cast<long>(i0));

Embedded within other generated Python code.

What am I missing?

@anubane inductor (the default compiler) will emit cpp code if its given cpu tensor inputs, and it will emit triton if it’s given cuda tensor inputs

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