Different behavior between Python and C++

I was uploaded on https://github.com/pytorch/pytorch/issues/35606

Error Trace

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'torch::jit::script::ErrorReport'
Unknown builtin op: tomo::morph_pool.
Could not find any similar ops to tomo::morph_pool. This op may not exist or may not be currently supported in TorchScript.


Serialized   File "code/__torch__/torch/nn/modules/module/___torch_mangle_162.py", line 9
    argument_1: Tensor) -> Tensor:
    _0 = self.morph
    x_min_morph = ops.tomo.morph_pool(argument_1, _0)
                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <--- HERE
    x, _1 = torch.min(x_min_morph, 2, False)
    x_max_morph = ops.tomo.morph_pool(x, _0)

[1]    57316 abort (core dumped)  ./forward 

But In python, working fine as I expected.


I would like a hint as to what part to look at.