Do we have any places that we can deploy it, such as in flask for Free(πŸ€‘)?

Hi, I am thinking that I should deploy my Pytorch model(Maybe an image classifier or recoloring image).
However, I want to deploy it to somewhere that I can run it with a pre-trained model with pth and pkl format.
Thank YouπŸ’–

you can deploy on heroku and if you have a paid pythonanywhere account you can deploy it there as well.

Thank You for telling me that. I just want to make sure.
Why do people say it has sleeping issue for free version of heroku? Does it mean that I send a picture, and it will response to me like 5 mins later?

it meanns when someone accesses heroku, the server will be up for about 30 mminutes (you will loose your 30 minutes of usage if you got only 1 request, or 100000).
after that the app will be slept (you won’t use your usage until another request).