Does DataLoader work normally on Intel's 13th gen CPU?

As said, I am considering upgrading my setup but I do wonder if the multi-processing of dataloader can fully utilize all the P-cores and E-cores on Intel’s new 13th gen.

Based on my reading of the code of DataLoader, it seems like the speed difference between P-core and E-core won’t trigger performance issues. Still, I am asking this here to make sure of it.

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I don’t think DataLoader has been tested on those hardware yet.

Based on my little understanding on the new CPUs, I would think there shouldn’t be significant differences but it is hard to tell. It depends on the task at hand (whether the data loading processes are compute-bound or IO-bound), and how well the CPU schedules/balances work between the P-core and E-core.

Please let us know if you have compared different generations of Intel CPUs and found noticeable performance differences.