Does it exist ‘lr_mult' and 'decay_mult' in optimizer?

I saw a code like this,

{'params': bn, 'lr_mult': 1, 'decay_mult': 0,
             'name': "BN scale/shift"}

so, dose ‘lr_mult’ and ‘decay_mult’ avaliable in pytorch optimizer ?

It depends on what optimizer you are using, some have it and some don’t. See details in the doc

The optimizer is SGD. Both the documents about SGD and the method step of SGD never mentioned about lr_mult and lr_decay.

Sorry, you are right. Those args are indeed not used by pytorch. Maybe the author forgot to convert them from caffe :slight_smile:

Hi there, does it actually used in pytorch? I meet the same question.

As @SimonW mentioned above, those args are not used in PyTorch.