Does Pytorch provide official preact-ResNet implementation?

ResNet was proposed in “Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition.”
There is a following paper named “Identity mappings in deep residual networks” which suggests a “pre-act” version of the ResNet, usually known as ResNetV2.

I have yet to find an official implementation of ResNetV2, is there any?

From what I can find in the doc here: we have mostly resnet and wide resnet from there.

Maybe @fmassa has a better idea about this?

Sadly, none is preact-ResNet :cry:. The network is quite well-known, and outperforms the original ResNet. Would it be a good idea to add into the catalog?

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I am not the best person to judge this :smiley: You can try to open a feature request on the torchvision repo and see what they say!