Does torch.distributed support the ipv6 address?

Hi All,
Now I import the torch.distributed package to train my model in some nodes. And I want to use the CPU to train it so I use gloo as the backend.

When I use this package to do distributed training, I should set some Common environment variables like GLOO_SOCKET_IFNAME and MASTER_ADDR.I use the ifconfig command to print the interface, it just like this.

I want to know how to set these environment variables to running python -m torch.distributed.launch correctly.Thanks!!!

I haven’t tried myself, but I think it should work as the code does seem to handle ipv6:

Can you try setting GLOO_SOCKET_IFNAME to eth0, MASTER_ADDR to its inet6 string, and MASTER_PORT to, say, 23456?

Thank you, mrshenli. I tried setting CLOO_SOCKET_IFNAME to eth0 and MASTER_ADDR to inet6 string, it returned a connection error(Timeout). Then I found gn0 might be an Infiniband Interface, so I set CLOO_SOCKET_IFNAME to gn0 and MASTER_ADDR to ipv4 address.

From the code, I think the MASTER_ADDR can be set to ipv6, thanks for your help!