Dot product of two 4D tensors

I have two tensors of size, t1 as [16,64,56,56] and t2 as [16,64,56,56]. Now I wanted to do perform dot product between two tensors to get final tensor with size as [16,64,16,64].

I needed this final tensor of required size so that I can again dot product this with t1 (as original features) in order to get refined features of original size [16,64,56,56]

How will I perform dot product between two tensors t1 and t2?
Note:- Something like in snapshot with attention matrix as CxC/2

Could you clarify what is dot product of 4D tensors?

Something like shown in snapshot dot product of CxH/2XW/2 and C/2xH/2xW/2 to get CxC/2.
Here it is just 3D tensor but in my case there is extra dimension as batch.