Double backward in torch2.0?

I just tried torch2.0, which was for sure amazing. However, on my research purpose, I would like to do double backward in my code, which is not currently supported by torch2.0. Would you have a rough estimate that how soon it will be supported?

Hi Qinyu!

I’m not sure what you mean by “double backward.” If you want to compute,
for example, second derivatives (e.g., a hessian), pytorch version 2.0.0
works for me:

>>> torch.__version__
>>> t = torch.ones (1, requires_grad = True)
>>> p = t**3
>>> d1 = torch.autograd.grad (p, t, create_graph = True)
>>> d2 = torch.autograd.grad (d1, t)
>>> d1
(tensor([3.], grad_fn=<MulBackward0>),)
>>> d2

If you have a different use case in mind, please post a fully-self-contained,
runnable script that shows what you are trying to do and how it fails,
together with its output.


K. Frank

The issue is tracked torch.compile with aotautograd does not support double backwards · Issue #91469 · pytorch/pytorch · GitHub if you are wondering about torch.compile support.

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Hi Frank, thank you a lot for trying. Sorry I didn’t make it clear with my question. The torch.compile in Pytorch 2.0 doesn’t support double backward. Without torch.compile, everything seems fine.

Thank you soulitzer, yes, that was my concern.