Downloading ImageNet

Hello, I am developing a model to apply on FMD (Flickr Material Database), but training on that same database just lead to 30% accuracy. Now I’m gonna pre-train the model on ImageNet, but don’t know how to do it. I haven’t yet even discovered how to download it in a simple way. How should I do it?

Also, since don’t have GPUs I am using Colab, wich has a small storage (64GB) in comparison to ImageNet’s size (think 150GB zipped). So I think my way is to upload the dataset to my edu drive account, wich has unlimited storage (as for now).

Thank you!

If you are just prototyping you might be able to just use a pretrained torchvision model:

Downloading from the original website is often tricky, but the academic torrents version works well if you have a way to mount or access > 150GB of storage.

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