Early Stopping in PyTorch

(Sumanth Nandamuri) #1

Where can I find Early Stopping in PyTorch 0.4. Please point me ?


Torchsample provides an implementation of early stopping.

(Sumanth Nandamuri) #3

Is it available in 0.4 ?
I am getting "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘torchsample’ " error.
I couldn’t find it in documentation either, please point me to the documentation if it is available.
Thank you.


No, it was a standalone repo, but it seems to be abandoned.

EDIT: Ignite seems to have an implementation of early stopping here.


Here is my implementation, it should be easy to read and customize it.

(Bjarte Sunde) #6

I’ve implemented early stopping for PyTorch and made an example that shows how to use it; you can check it out here.

(Marwa) #7

Thank you for your script. It works well. I was wondering what if the loss validation is decreasing very slightly over epochs ( ie delta validation loss < 1e-4 for instance). Does the model stop learning in your case?

(Bjarte Sunde) #8

You are welcome! No, it does not have this functionality. Feel free to submit a pull request if you implement this feature.

(Gaurav Koradiya) #9

useful and very easy to use.