Editing posts containing codes


I usually see posts mainly by new users that forgot to format sections with code or even sometimes they try and because of existence of “```” in their code due to docstrings, it gets partially formatted and make it hard to understand (indentation no longer exists in the first case).
I wonder it is possible to enable users from level of member to be able to edit posts or even creating another attribute for users with enough number of verified edits?

I have also some other ideas that I do not know it is friendly enough or not.

  1. Forcing new users to finish forum tutorial to make sure they are aware of formatting system or the main guidelines.
  2. Sending a warning to users when they try to paste texts longer than one line in a post about it that can format codes to enhance readability.

Thank you all for creating such a great community!

Since this forum is hosted on Discourse, we could install the following component:

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This clearly solves the issue. Here is the link to original author’s discussion.