Embedding Module does not update Gradient!

Here is a minimal reproducible example:

Using nn.Embedding as LookupTable

from torch import nn
from torch.autograd import Variable
import torch

class LinearMulti(nn.Module):
    Fetch the weight and bias from a lookup table based on agent/model id
        sz_in: input layer
        sz_out: output layer
        model_ids: agent/model id
        Tensor [len(model_ids), sz_out]
    def __init__(self, nmodels, sz_in, sz_out):
        super(LinearMulti, self).__init__()
        self.nmodels = nmodels
        self.sz_in = sz_in
        self.sz_out = sz_out

        if nmodels == 1:
            self.linear = nn.Linear(sz_in, sz_out)
            # XXX: potential bug - updateGradInput is overidden,
            # possible use of `register_backward_hook`
            self.weight_lut = nn.Embedding(nmodels, sz_in * sz_out) # 1x3x200
            self.bias_lut = nn.Embedding(nmodels, sz_out) # 1x3x20

    def forward(self, input, model_ids):
            input: shape [len(model_ids), sz_in]
        if self.nmodels == 1:
            return self.linear(input)
            weight = self.weight_lut(model_ids) # 1 x 3 x 200
            weight_view = weight.view(-1, self.sz_in, self.sz_out) # 3 x 10 x 20
            bias = self.bias_lut(model_ids) # 1 x 3 x 20
            bias_view = bias.view(-1, self.sz_out) # 3x20

            a, b = input.size()
            input = input.view(a, 1, b) # 3x1x10

            out = torch.matmul(input, weight_view) # 3x1x20

            a, b, c = out.size()
            out = out.view(a, c) #3x20
            out = out.add(bias_view) # 3x20
            return out

if __name__ == "__main__":
    x = Variable(torch.ones(3, 4))
    model = LinearMulti(3, 4, 1)
    y = model.forward(x, Variable(torch.LongTensor([[1,2,1]])))
    target = Variable(torch.FloatTensor([
    print target

    learning_rate = 1e-1
    optimizer = torch.optim.Adagrad(model.parameters(), lr=learning_rate)
    loss_fn = torch.nn.MSELoss(size_average=False)

    for i in range(100):
        y = model.forward(x, Variable(torch.LongTensor([[1,2,1]])))
        loss = loss_fn(y, target)
        print loss

    # # Note: in the original test, the weight of l1, l2 is copied to the
    # # weight of linear_multi. Then test the matmul results are the same

You are not updating the parameters… Call optimizer.zero_grad() before fwd and bwd, and call optimizer.step() after.


Thank you for you answer.

I have modified the code for the toy example. If you could take a look at the full code and see if there’s something immediately obvious, that would be great!

I have inspected all the weights during each time step and none of them has nan in it. But the softmax or logsoftmax layer output is nan. This is very bizarre. Here is the link to the code: it should be runnable: Embeddings not getting updated

Thanks in advance.

That is a lot of code. Try printing out the input to logsoftmax.

Also, you might want to use better initialization on your weights and/or tune down the lr.

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Thank you so much. After using normal initialization on all the weights. The model started working fine(to my pleasant surprise).

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