Environment for AI

I would like to ask for some information regarding what environment professional deep reinforcement learning researchers use for development. I am aware of the fact that laboratories have equipment that is inaccessible for an average enthusiast in the field working from home, however, IDEs and coding languages being used are still relevant in this respect.

There is that infamous debate regarding Emacs and Vim, people use not only Linux, but other operating systems as well; python, C++ and other languages are being used, and so on. I have done some basic research on arxiv.org, decided to ask for some additional information on the matter here as well. A combination of operating system / editor / language is what I am asking for, to be concrete.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


I would recommend to start with whatever feels good and just get your hands dirty.
After a while you’ll develop some preferences, which might also change in the future.