I’m currently trying to install pytorch 1.9.0 on windows 10 through conda on python3 with cuda 11.3

Everything installed but at the end of installation I get these errors:

Preparing transaction: done
Verifying transaction: done
Executing transaction: done
ERROR An error occurred while installing package ‘conda-forge::cudatoolkit-11.1.1-heb2d755_7’.
Rolling back transaction: done

LinkError: post-link script failed for package conda-forge::cudatoolkit-11.1.1-heb2d755_7
location of failed script: C:\Users\iLikeBuns\anaconda3\Scripts.cudatoolkit-post-link.bat
==> script messages <==

==> script output <==
stderr: Access is denied.

return code: 1


I’ve been googling but I couldn’t find issues similar to mine.

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Did you resolve it? I have a same problem.

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I guess you installed the torch in the Windows platform. You can try run the Prompt in the admin mode.

For me this is working.

Open CMD and write - conda create -n somename python = 3.8
Then - activate somename
Then - copy command from this page Start Locally | PyTorch
Then push that command into CMD.

If you dont know your cuda version, then push this command to CMD -
nvcc --version

I was also facing the same issue. It didn’t solve with the conda but worked with the pip command. Here it goes:

pip3 install torch==1.9.0+cu111 torchvision==0.10.0+cu111 torchaudio===0.9.0 -f