Error during QAT training of ResNet50


Could smn please help me to understand how can I fix my code. I’m doing a QAT training of ResNet50 and encountering an error in one of the convoluational layers:

RuntimeError: zero_point must be between quant_min and quant_max

Code is relatively simple.

from torchvision.models import resnet50, ResNet50_Weights

from import (

qconfig  = get_default_qat_qconfig('fbgemm')

def apply_recursive(model, qconfig):
  model.qconfig = qconfig
  # qconfig should be applied to all children
  for name, module in model.named_children():
      apply_recursive(module, qconfig)
  return model

def get_qat_fused_manual():

  model_fp32 = resnet50(weights=ResNet50_Weights.IMAGENET1K_V2)

  model_fp32 = apply_recursive(model_fp32, qconfig)
  # fuse layers
  fuse_modules(model_fp32,[['conv1', 'bn1', 'relu']], inplace=True)

  for layer in ['layer1','layer2','layer3', 'layer4']:
    module = model_fp32.get_submodule(layer)
    n_iter = len(module)
    for i in range(n_iter):
      submodule = module.get_submodule(str(i))
      fuse_modules(submodule,[['conv1', 'bn1'], ['conv2', 'bn2'], ['conv3', 'bn3', 'relu']], inplace=True)

      # replace in downsample
      for name, m in submodule.named_children():
        if name == 'downsample':
          fuse_modules(submodule,[['downsample.0', 'downsample.1']], inplace=True)

  model_fused = model_fp32

  model_fused = QuantWrapper(model_fp32)
  model_fused =
  return model_fused

qat_model = get_qat_fused_manual()

data_loader_train =
    batch_size = 32,

device = 'cuda'
parameters = qat_model.parameters()
criterion = torch.nn.CrossEntropyLoss(label_smoothing=0)
optimizer = torch.optim.SGD(
            # weight_decay=args.weight_decay,
for iter, (image, target) in enumerate(data_loader_train):
    print (iter)
    image, target =,
    output = qat_model(image)
    loss = criterion(output, target)

From what I see the training is happening for several iterations and then the model.forward method triggers an error

/usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/torch/ao/quantization/ in forward(self, X)
     61     def forward(self, X):
     62         X = self.quant(X)
---> 63         X = self.module(X)
     64         return self.dequant(X)


/usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/torchvision/models/ in _forward_impl(self, x)
    266     def _forward_impl(self, x: Tensor) -> Tensor:
    267         # See note [TorchScript super()]
--> 268         x = self.conv1(x)
    269         x = self.bn1(x)
    270         x = self.relu(x)


/usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/torch/ao/quantization/ in forward(self, X)
    352     def forward(self, X: torch.Tensor) -> torch.Tensor:
--> 353         return torch.fused_moving_avg_obs_fake_quant(
    354             X,
    355             self.observer_enabled,

RuntimeError: `zero_point` must be between `quant_min` and `quant_max`.

So could anyone point me what is the problem here? Unable to find anything related on the internet.
Thank you.

can you print what the zero_point is? i’d probably edit above the return line that’s throwing the error to print the zero_point.

if i were to guess, i dont see any quant stubs being inserted so i would guess that it has something to do with that.

Otherwise, does it work if you do qat normally?
without fusion?

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Ok, so before the last forward pass it was looking like this

After making one more forward pass:

After playing a bit more with this I found out that replacing:

fuse_module -> fuse_modules_qat

fixes my issue with Observers. Unfortunately this is not mentioned in the link that you’ve mentioned (basically the main manual on qat) or in any other manuals…

In any case, appreciate such fast response, HDCharles.