Error message: No node under name gpu_0/data

I am a beginner and I was trying to use model-compiler to get the LLVM IR code.
here is my commond

./model-compiler --backend=CPU --model=/home/…/…/build_Debug/examples/bundles/resnet50/resnet50 -emit-bundle=build

The following are output

WARNING: Logging before InitGoogleLogging() is written to STDERR
F1016 00:45:17.236379 7420 Error.cpp:123] exitOnError(Error) got an unexpected ErrorValue:
Error message: No node under name gpu_0/data

Error return stack:






*** Check failure stack trace: ***
zsh: abort ./model-compiler --backend=CPU -emit-bundle=build

Then I read for several posts about what is “model-input”. It is said to be where the input will be stored and will be shown in the protobuf file of the model. Then I checked for the predict_net.pb file in /home/…/…/build_Debug/examples/bundles/resnet50/resnet50. It shows that my first operator is indeed gpu_0/data.

Here are the first few lines of predict_net.pb shown in vim





Where can I find more information about my problem? What configurations should I check to solve this issue?

I rebuild the whole project and then problem solved.

I change from zsh to bash. I think that zsh has problem accepting the shape as an argument.