Error while executing "Ninja all"

Hey can anyone help me in resolving this error.

/home/user_name/Desktop/dgx/glow/thirdparty/folly/folly/ssl/OpenSSLPtrTypes.h:33:73: error: template argument 2 is invalid
/home/user_name/Desktop/dgx/glow/thirdparty/folly/folly/ssl/OpenSSLPtrTypes.h:105:34: error: ‘EvpMdCtxDeleter’ was not declared in this scope`Preformatted text`

Hi, this appears to be a an issue building folly. What is your build environment? I know some people have had issues on e.g. fedora.

Hey, I am using Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS.

@jfix I am using Openssl 1.1.1c could that the reason for this error? if yes what versions of Openssl does glow support?

@bucky This isn’t a Glow-specific issue, this is related to building folly which is a dependency of Glow. So I am not totally sure what the issue might be, or if it’s the version of OpenSSL you’re using. How did you install that version? It looks like on the folly page for 16.04 they just installed libssl-dev through apt-get, perhaps you could find out what version that is and use it too…

Hey @jfix, you are correct the problem was with the version of openssl I was using, the issue was resolved after I switched to openssl 1.1.1g.

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