Existing implementation of ResNet on a MLP setting?

I’m start to use Pytorch and trying to implement ResNet for my problem, which is not related to images or NLP. The implementation of ResNet in Pytorch has convolutional layers which I don’t need and don’t want to include at the beginning. Are you guys aware of existing implementation of ResNet in Pytorch in a MLP type of setting? Or what I really need to do is reimplement the ResNet in Pytorch?

Thank you.

If you are removing the conv layers in the ResNet implementation, I guess you would like to create a fully connected model with some skip connections?
If so, you could have a look at the current implementation of BasicBlock and BottleNeck and try to adapt these modules to your code.

Thank you. That’s actually what I’m doing currently. I try read and modify the code in github: pytorch/vision/blob/master/torchvision/models/resnet.py.