[experimentation] Autoregressive_LSTM and convergence issue

Hi everybody ! I’m currently try some experimentation on times series data (1D sequences).
So I built a kind of autoregressive model using lstm cell !

My code is running well but the model doesn’t converge.

Some clues :

  • I checked my model parameters on many epochs and it didn’t change.
  • I checked the grad of layers it set at None so my loss is constant.
  • I get this kind of error :

stack(): functions with out=… arguments don’t support automatic differentiation, but one of the arguments requires grad

here the model code :

class LstmModel(nn.Module):
    def __init__(
        self, hidden_dim, batch_size, target_size, sequence_length, n_layers, device
        super(LstmModel, self).__init__()

        self.hidden_dim = hidden_dim

        self.target_size = target_size

        self.batch_size = batch_size

        self.device = device

        self.fc = nn.Sequential(
            nn.Linear(in_features=hidden_dim, out_features=hidden_dim // 2),
            nn.Linear(in_features=hidden_dim // 2, out_features=1),
        self.sequence_length = sequence_length

        self.lstm_cell = nn.LSTMCell(input_size=1, hidden_size=hidden_dim, bias=True)

    def init_hidden(self, device, batch_size):
        # Always give batch_size and device information when we create new tensor
        # initialize the hidden state and the cell state to zeros
        return (
            torch.zeros(batch_size, self.hidden_dim, requires_grad=True).to(
            torch.zeros(batch_size, self.hidden_dim, requires_grad=True).to(

    def forward(self, sequence):

        batch_size = sequence.size(0)
        hidden, cell = self.init_hidden(batch_size=batch_size, device=self.device)

        for i in range(self.sequence_length):
            hidden, cell = self.lstm_cell(sequence[:, i], (hidden, cell))

        outputs = torch.zeros(self.target_size, batch_size, 1, requires_grad=True).to(

        out = self.fc(hidden)

        outputs[0] = out

        for target_idx in range(1, self.target_size):
            hidden, cell = self.lstm_cell(out, (hidden, cell))
            out = self.fc(hidden)
            outputs[target_idx] = out
        outputs = outputs.view(outputs.shape[1], outputs.shape[0], outputs.shape[2])
        # Outputs have to be shapped like [batch_size,sequence_len,dim_of_xi]
        return outputs

Maybe some operations are not differentiable.

Thanks everybody ! Have a nice day !

Could you try to initialize outputs as a list, and append all out tensors to it.
Once you are done, create a tensor via outputs = torch.stack(outputs) and return it.
I assume the creation of outputs as a tensor, which requires gradients might break the computation graph.

I would assume you’ll get a RuntimeError such as:

RuntimeError: leaf variable has been moved into the graph interior
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It’s working ! Thanks you !!