Export PyTorch documentation into PDF form


This need here may seem to be a little weird but I need the PDF document because network instability and frequent interruption. At the same time, the only PDF version of the doc I could find is 0.11.5, which is outdated.

There is a doc folder in source code directory on GitHub and there is a Makefile avaiable. Therefore, I downloaded the entire source repo and entered doc to generate the PDF doc. However, when I make latexpdf in that folder, a series of errors occurred. After working around these error messages for hours, there is no luck. I also tried to first export the documentation to .html and then use pandoc to make the conversion. However, it did not work either.

I am wondering if anyone has ever tried to do this and succeeded? Thank you in advance!

I finally solved this problem and I will share the exported documents with everyone in this forum. Here is the link (Google Drive).

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Hi Guanqun,

Thanks for the awesome pdf. I was wondering would you also like to share the pdf for the latest pytorch documents? Many thanks!