Fail to download LibTorch 1.8.2 for windows

I tried to download this link from the official website.

But I got Access Denied, please help.

The full message is:


Access Denied



Your link is invalid, as PyTorch 1.8.2 doesn’t exist.
Change the link to the 1.8.1 or 1.9.0 version and it should work:

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Thanks a lot. This solves my problem.

Just for you information, I ask this because “Start Locally | PyTorch” show only LTS(1.8.2).

OK, I see that the link is indeed missing. CC @seemethere

It has been fixed now

I had totally written a response to this but had neglected to post it, this should be resolved with quick-start: Update links for lts/1.8 libtorch by seemethere · Pull Request #816 · pytorch/ ·